Our Mission:

Think only the biggest sites can afford to offer a truly dynamic and interactive online experience? No longer!

Today's technology gives any site access to the features they need to compete against the online "mega-sites" that dominate the web today. Better yet, they allow sites to create collaborative networks that increase their competitiveness even further. Picture a Web where your site is a front door to a dynamic, user-driven network of related content, services, products, etc... a "Virtual-Amazon" where you — not Amazon — are the winner. Like what you see? We do, and with your support we can make this vision a reality. In return, here's our commitment to you:

Our Commitment to Clients:

JS-Kit web services are highly customizable to ensure a seamless fit within your site. Our basic web services are Comments, Reviews, Ratings and Polls. For added impact, consider the Navigator service.

The new web allows new ways of thinking about data ownership. Our model separates data from display and authorship from access. We allow publishers to "filter" the data/information they display, but not to alter or delete the underlying content on our servers. This approach preserves the rights of authors and site alike and allows sites to credibly authenticate the content they display to users.